For this project, I would like you to choose one of the cancers listed on the navigation bar that you would like to learn more about. Once your topic has been chosen and approved by me, begin with your research. Make sure to follow the project guidelines listed below:

1. Your page MUST have a LARGE title with your cancer type at the top. Along with the title you must include an image of your cancer ribbon (correct color) that hyperlinks to the most resourceful site for your cancer.
2. Introduce what cancer is. Be sure to define it! Introduce your specific type of cancer that you have chosen for this project and discuss why you selected it.
3. Discuss the area of the body that is affected by this type of cancer. If applicable, who is at risk of getting this type of cancer? Gender/Race/etc.

4. What are the symptoms associated with this type of cancer?

5. Does genetics play a what extent? What are the environmental or occupational risk factors with this type of cancer?

6. What are some statistics on the number of people affected with this type of cancer in comparison to the rest? Do a lot of people have this type of cancer? How about the prognosis? Be sure to create your own graph in excel with your research and these statistics.
7. What different kinds of treatments are available for cancer?
8. What is chemotherapy? How does it work? How is it given? How often do patients get treated? Are these treatments expensive? What are the side effects?
9. What can we do to prevent cancer? Where are we now in terms of research and a cure?
10. What is the latest research/progress being done with your type of cancer?
11. What are some interesting facts/myths about your cancer?

12. Share a story of someone you know or read about that has or had cancer via a podcast of your creation. Here is the LAME encoder that you will need in order to convert it to an MP3

13. Along with the content above, your Wiki page must contain at least 4 images, 2-video clip, 1-graph, 1-podcast, and 1-hyperlink

14. Include a works cited at the end of your wiki page! Without a works cited page, you will receive NO credit!