Cancer is an uncontrollable growth in cells. Cells rapidly divide causing a tumor. There are two main types of tumors benign and malignant; if the mass is benign you most likely are in the clear because the tumor will not attack surrounding tissue. If it is a malignant tumor it means that the cancer has metastasized or can traveled to another part of your body. i chose to reasearch breast cancer because i hear of it more frequently now and i have grown an intrest to it. Breast cancer is a cancer that can be presnt in women and men. It is a malignant tumor that starts from cells in the breast. Breast cancer is on the up rise and new cases are being found more then ever.

A change in how the breast or nipple feels
· A lump or thickness around breast area under arm
· A change in how the breast or nipple feels
· A change in the size or shape or the breast
· Nipple turned inward


There is a 50% chancer or having breast cancer passes down to you throung genetics.
Risk factors
Aging, Race, Dense breast tissue, Menstural periods at a young age and lasting till an older age (12-55 yrs. old), not having children, or having them later in life, Alcohol, not breat feeding, Obease, lack or phyical work, Chemicals in the enviornment

surgery, Radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, biololical therapy, treatment choices by stage.

Side Effects
Pain, addiction, reactions, appitite changes, hair loss, ect.

It is a drug to treat cancer and it goes throuout the whole body to reduce the size of the tumor and destroy cancer cells. It works best on rapidly dividing cells.

Ways to prevent cancer

  1. Dont smoke
  2. Healthy diet
  3. Exersice
  4. Healthy weight
  5. Limit alcohol
  6. Protect your self from the sun

Latest progress in breast cancer news
There was recentely a gene signiture found that can tell which patients will resond well to chemotherapy.


Myth vs. Fact
Myth- I'm too young to get breast cancer
Fact- anyone at any age is at risk, even though it is more common at an older age
Myth-There has never been a case of reast cancer in my family so I dont have to worry.
Fact- Not quite! It may not run it your famit by you still may be at risk but if it does run in your family you are at a higher risk.
Myth-Breast feeding may lead to breast cancer
Fact- Just the oppisite, breast cancer may lower your chances or getting this type of cancer

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